Cactus Jack- SOLD

Cactus jack is a really cool 15 hand John mule that is 8 years old. Jack is out of a AQHA mare that is ranch bred. Jack is one broke mule, he was previously owned by a man in his late 70’s. He used Jack to coon hunt off of in the really rough country, where it would be tough for a human to get on foot. He said it could be pitch black out side and he knew Jack would keep him safe no matter how slick or steep, he also used him regularly to ride through his cattle and check fences and took him on a lot of trail rides! Since having jack we have also used him around here to get up horses. Now if you’ve ever tried to pen up equine while riding one you’ll know that most of the time their instincts tell them to take off and keep up with the running herd but not jack. He Stays clam and waits for the next command, we have even roped off Jack and he works the rope like an old pro, granted our pet cows don’t put up much of a fight making it easy for us rookies to catch. Jack is solid as a billy goat on the trail, he is very relaxing to ride and will go where ever you point his head. They don’t make a spot too bad for jack not to cross. He has a nice one hand neck rein, will back up as far as you tell him to and moves correctly. Cactus Jack is a very versatile mule, use him to hunt off of, a ranch mule or just a relaxing trail mule, heck use him for all of the above, he is used to it! I’m asking $4,500 for this fine mule. I can accept cash, PayPal, cash app, wire transfer and check with a deposit from one of the above options. I’m located in Moscow Ohio and can arrange shipping. Feel free call or text 513-508-3684 Thank you and God bless!



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