Candy SOLD

Candy is a stunning grade mtn horse mare that is 14 hands exactly ( barefoot) and is 4 years old. Candy is an absolute doll baby to look it from her pretty little head to her long thick tail, if stared and stared and I can’t find a hair on her I don’t like! Aside from being so attractive Candy is super smart and gentle on top of that. She is a fast learning and retains what she has been taught, it’s almost like she instantly picks up on what your wanting from her, she 100 % naturally gaited and exceptionally smooth. She is awesome on the trail being sure footed and not rushing up or down hills, she crosses down logs and creeks with out jumping or getting worked up, she picks the best way and seems to want to keep her rider and herself safe and comfortable. Candy is easy to ride, she rides in a gentle snaffle bit and stops on whoa, as you’ll see if the video Candy will side pass and backs up for as long as you ask her to. She’s not marish, she hauls quality, stands for bathing, grooming, tack and mounting. She will walk until asked to gait and has never gotten hot or ansy. This is a beautiful mare that’s a ball of full to ride! I’m asking $1,800 for Candy. Can accept cash, PayPal, Venmo or credit card with a 2% fee. I’m located in Moscow Ohio and can arrange shipping. Thank you and God bless



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