Jazzy SOLD

Jazzy is a stunning chocolate rocky mtn with a pretty flaxen mane and tail. Jazzy is 11 years old and stands 15 hands with a nice build. Jazzy has that typical rocky mtn personality that they’re so well known for. She is very kind, patient and willing to satisfy her rider. She has perfect ground manners and loves to be groomed. We have hauled her to the local state park and she rides perfect alone or in the group. She doesn’t care to break off and ride away from the group or be left behind or even take the lead. She isn’t buddy or barn sour. She will ride right off the barn and down the road straight and on a loose rein. She’s standing on four new shoes. I had her shod, she stands like a statue for the farrier and has healthy hooves. Jazzy has not given us a moments worth of trouble in any form. This is a horse I would like to think any rider that knows the very simple basics of riding could enjoy, feel safe and learn on. She doesn’t get worked up or excited about anything that we have done with her. Jazzy gets an A plus from me on her evaluation.



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