King- SOLD

King- SOLD

King is a breathtaking red and white spotted saddle gelding that stands 15 hands, is 5 years old,  and built to last till he's 40!!  This young man is the absolute total package! I’m about to show you the most versatile horse I’ve had my hands on!!! King has a smooth, flashy gait that is easy to sit all day on the trails. He has a sweet rocking chair canter and stays collected in the bridle, but will also walk all day on a loose rein until asked to speed up. King has been a real asset here at our place because we have used him numerous times to get up and sort cattle, check fences, and even ride through and check our mares, but you can’t be all work and no play right? Throughout the week you can use King to get your ranch chores done and then on the weekend hit the trail in style with your buddies.  King was professionally started as a 2 year old and boy, does it show! He is extremely smart and loaded with talent. He is 100 % natural and free moving in every step he takes.  Nothing man-made here!! He will ride in a ring bit, a short shank snaffle and will even go bridle-less!!! I’ve already mentioned Kings awesome walk, gait and lope, but this guy will also side pass, work gates and back up easily.  The icing on the cake (to me) with this horse, aside from his style and presence, is his mind! I mean, that’s what really matters, right??  What good is a beautiful animal if it’s not good minded so we can enjoy them? King is extremely smart and catches on to things within minutes of showing it to him and he retains it.  He’s not a horse you have to start training all over again every day. Whatever you teach him, sticks with him!  I truly believe that this horse could be taught to do anything ( within common reason) that you can imagine you’d want to do with a horse!  The proof is in the pudding so watch his video, and let him do the talking.

Please feel free to call or text me at (513) 508-3684 for more information on King. Thank you and God bless!!!



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