Phantom SOLD

We are beyond proud to introduce registered walking horse gelding Allen and Josie’s lil man aka phantom who stands 15.3 Hands and is 7 years old. Phantom was vet checked 2 weeks ago and has a complete bill of health!! Wow is the Word i think of when asked to describe this horse because Phantom is LOADED with the wow factor In so many ways. Let’s start with the obvious, his color, wow right? This dude has a better paint job than any new vehicle! We have hauled phantom is several trail rides and a couple fun shows and we are always a crowd favorite, people have seriously stopped and stared at him when we pass by 2nd this horses brain again wow!!! Phantom is extremely smart, he has concurred all task we have asked of him such as crossing rough, dangerous spots along the trail, desensitizing tricks, you name it this dude can learn it, yes I’m that confident in him. It has been my absolute pleasure to have this horse and every moment with him has been easy and enjoyable. We have new people in and out of the barn almost daily and of course they’re all drawn to phantom and want to pet on him or get a picture with him and hey, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves people and attention but isn’t a beggar or pushy. Phantom is currently stall kept and doesn’t crib or weave and keeps a clean stall, he is easy to catch and not I’ll natured to other livestock when he gets turn out time either. Phantom is super gaited and smooth on 4 basic keg shoes and rides in a simple easy going Argentine snaffle style bit, he necks, stops on whoa and backs up like he should, Phantom will stand still for mounting and trained to stand to a mounting block. He always walks off easily on a loose rein looking straight and confident away from the barn and other horses. He will walk for miles and miles on a loose rein until he gets asked to gait, he will start out slow right out of a walk and transitions speeds as asked for it, phantom was said to have field trail experience by the previous owner but we have only trail rode and taken him to the fun shows and again WOW, he does amazing. Phantom is a very confident horse that truly aims to please his rider. He will go WHEREVER you point his pretty head no matter how deep or steep and he is sure footed and He crosses big running water with no trouble. Phantom will ride anywhere in the group with out getting hot and will sure enough easily ride alone. If you need to stand out from the crowd but yet need to be safe and have a horse that will give you a super smooth ride please take advantage to own phantom, I promise you there is not a replica of him. 



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