Preacher- SOLD

Preacher is a stunning grade Rocky mtn gelding that is 6 coming 7 and stands a true 14.2 hands tall with a nice build and is as shinny black as a sharpie marker. Preacher is as gentle and honest as you’ll find, we recently had him at the big knott county trail ride where 1000’s of people attend, we passed racing horses, live bands, wagon teams, numerous camp sites with loud generators and fires going, so it’s safe to say it’s a very busy place that would rattle most horses but not preacher, he never blinked an eye, Preacher came from deep eastern ky where the breed originated, he was previously a young girls trail and show horse for several years until she recently decided to try her hand with speed racking horses. I have NOTHING but GREAT things to say about Preacher. He has proven time and time again to be a horse that is trustworthy and kind. My wife is going to continue to trail ride with our kids on Preacher until he sells



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