Roscoe SOLD

Roscoe is a handsome Grade rocky mtn gelding that is 5 coming 6 years old and stands 14.3 hands. He is a pretty sorrel with flaxen mane and tail and has just enough chrome to set him off! Let me start with talking about this horses gait, I’ve rode what I’d like to think would be a lot of horses in my time but NONE of them have been better gaited than Roscoe, this horse is the perfect example of what a 4 beat saddle horse should look and sound like in my eyes! Roscoe is exactly how I like a horse to move from his headset to the way he carries his tail but there’s many more great qualities this guy has to offer like his attitude, Roscoe is willing and aiming please, you can tell he loves people, he isn’t the kind of horse that needs everyday riding, he is very easy to ride, natural in his gait, will walk for miles on a loose rein, is traffic safe and brave out on the trail, speaking of the trail this dude is TOUGH!!! When most horses are reaching down and digging to get up a hill, I’ve rode Roscoe gaiting up it!!! He is sure footed and very confident in his self. With all this being said Roscoe easily gets an A plus from us. I’m asking $2,650 for him I can accept cash, PayPal, wire transfer and a good check with a deposit. I’m located in Moscow Ohio and can arrange shipping. Feel free to call or text 513-508-3684 thank you and God bless!!!



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