The Kentucky Queen- SOLD

The Kentucky Queen- SOLD

(You can bid on this mule at )The Kentucky Queen is a 6 year old molly mule and is that hard to find dun and white paint paint color.  She stands 14.1 hands barefoot, and is as cool and unique as you will ever find!  EVERYTHING about Queen is jaw dropping, and honestly..... she just a flat out rare type of mule.  Aside from her looks, this gorgeous mule is 100 percent gentle, kind hearted and safe!  She rides and handles for any level rider, and it's impossible  not to just fall head over heals in love with her!  She has a wonderful, ground covering walk, a smooth trot, and will go right into a comfortable canter.  She neck reins light and easy, stops on whoa, and will back up.  Queen is gritty, tough, and sure footed on the trail and will go absolutely anywhere you point her pretty little head with confidence and ease! She is easy to handle, bathe, trim, tack and mount.  She is trained to lay down and bow on command and is completely desensitized. This is a VERY safe mule with a ton of looks, a wonderful mind, and outstanding training!  Whether you need a confidence booster, or you're an avid, experienced rider just looking to be the envy of everyone on the trails, The Kentucky Queen will make you look like royalty!

For more info or to come and try The Kentucky Queen, contact:

Zach Brandenburg (513) 508-3684



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